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玩通訊App|Mobile Copy Paste -- Trial免費|APP試玩

This is a trial version of MobileCopyPaste (MCP) and is valid for creating one account and using it for up to 30 days.

NOTE: Awarded 5/5 star Reviewer's Choice Award from !!!

MobileCopyPaste enables copy/paste between mobile devices and computers. We support all major operating systems, including Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Our goal is to make your life a little easier by providing you with the means to efficiently send text from here to there, clipboard to clipboard.

Here are some questions and answers you might have:

How does it work ? MobileCopyPaste communicates using two software clients: this Android client (app), and Java client for you computer (freely downloadable from our website). The Java client is a JAR file that you just double-click to run.

The process is simple:

玩通訊App|Mobile Copy Paste -- Trial免費|APP試玩

1) Obtain MobileCopyPaste Android client from Google Play, and create a free account (email address and password required),

玩通訊App|Mobile Copy Paste -- Trial免費|APP試玩

2) Download the PC client (Windows, Mac, or Linux) and enter the same email and password in Accounts->Make a new account,

3) Use one client to copy up, and the other to copy down ... then paste !

What are the costs ? The only fee is for the initial purchase of the Android client. After that purchase, use of the service is unlimited.

How much of my mobile data will MobileCopyPaste use ? This is entirely controlled by the user. MobileCopyPaste only accesses the internet when told to do so by the user.

How is my data secured ? MobileCopyPaste uses the latest HTTPS/SSL encryption technologies to secure your data as it moves to/from our highly-available, 24/7, always-on servers.

How will I be supported ? Our website, is dedicated to providing users with the best user experience, and the most up-to-date information. We have instructional How-Tos that are clear and concise, screenshots to visually illustrate our product, a "frequently asked questions" section, and an easy feedback mechanism.

We believe user feedback is vital, and is always very much appreciated! We have an aggressive release cycle, and want to build in features that will have the most utility and value for our user community.

We have exciting ideas and new functionality on our road-map ! This is our initial release, our starting-place. Please consider taking this journey with us, and purchase MobileCopyPaste today !

Mobile Copy Paste -- Trial 線上APP手遊玩免費

不限時間玩Mobile Copy Paste -- Trial App免費

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