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Innovapptive mWorklist (Mobile Universal Worklist) app provides approvers in an organization, a one-stop-view of all their work items. Using this mobile app, approvers and managers in an enterprise can approve business transaction requests such as Shopping Carts, Purchase Orders, Purchase Requisitions, Travel and Expense Reports etc., requiring their action to approve or reject from their mobile device without having to log-on and access the SAP application. This mobile app also streamlines the Blocked Invoice processing by notifying Requesters and Buyers of quantity and price mismatches and empowers them to take action right from the mobile devices, anytime, anywhere, real-time.

Business Pain Points:

- Workflow and workitem processing in SAP can be cumbersome

- Need to login to SAP on a desktop

玩商業App|Mobile Worklist免費|APP試玩

- No consoldiated and user intuitive functionality to process all workitems. The UWL (Universal Worklist) on Portal is not implemented always, but even this tool is cumbersome to use and require the approvers to log-on.

- Inability to approve/reject or take action anywhere, anytime.

Value proposition of the Mobile Worklist Application:

- Action work items (approve, reject, process) from mobile devices anywhere, anytime

玩商業App|Mobile Worklist免費|APP試玩

- Consolidated list of work items across process areas and transcation documents such as Shopping Carts, Purchase Orders, Purchase Requisitions, Blocked Invoices, Travel Expense Reports.

- Review detailed line items information on the transactions and take action

- Eliminate blocked invoices and improve efficiency in payment processing by taking action right from the mobile devices.

玩商業App|Mobile Worklist免費|APP試玩

- View detailed release strategy and approval information

玩商業App|Mobile Worklist免費|APP試玩

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