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There 3 main UIs of the android app


--- City View - This is a map interface that displays all the generated data to make it easy to read and understand the situation across the city. It displays information related to parking, water level, car breakdowns, vehicle speed etc. It gives drivers, pedestrians and city officials, on the ground view of the effect of the monsoon on the traffic and general safety. This information is overlayed with information from Mumbai such as chances of flooding in different areas, traffic diversions etc.

---Vehicle Interface to Android - This UI displays the information gathered from the Vehicle. This part has been tested using OpenXC-Enabler application from the open-xc library on github. The data is conveyed to the Backend every 2 minutes. All the connection between the interface and the android device is assumed to have taken place when the vehicle is stationary. There is no functionality to use when the vehicle is in motion.



--- Crowdsourcing - This UI asks users, not driving to provide information in their neighbourhood, such as safe parking, car breakdowns, water levels. This information is relayed to the backend, to improve the quality of the real-time data on the Monsoon.

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