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玩書籍App|Monster's Socks HD免費|APP試玩


玩書籍App|Monster's Socks HD免費|APP試玩

BolognaRagazzi Digital Award 2013 finalist for children's fiction.

玩書籍App|Monster's Socks HD免費|APP試玩

Monster has lost his socks! Journey through this interactive storybook helping Monster cross streams, seas and outer space to find those lost socks.

玩書籍App|Monster's Socks HD免費|APP試玩

Music and narration by Bob Schneider.

玩書籍App|Monster's Socks HD免費|APP試玩


玩書籍App|Monster's Socks HD免費|APP試玩

"Beautifully illustrated and not too scary, the story has a theme similar to 'Where the Wild Things Are.' " - NY Times

玩書籍App|Monster's Socks HD免費|APP試玩

"Wonderful, whimsical illustrations meet a good story, and an especially clever scroll-like navigation technique. " - BolognaRagazzi Digital Award 2013

玩書籍App|Monster's Socks HD免費|APP試玩

" If you’re convinced that there’s nothing new under the ebooks sun, I suggest you check out Monster’s Socks, a beautiful-looking story for kids with a playful degree of interactivity." - Philip Michaels,

玩書籍App|Monster's Socks HD免費|APP試玩

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