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The Bible alarm clock. This app will provide you with a different inspiring Bible verse to start your day. Customize the alarm with your own name and have the option for the App to read the verse aloud each morning when the alarm goes off. Share passages that have special meaning with the Facebook and Twitter icons. Choose between digital and analog clocks. This Bible alarm clock will also display your local weather so you know exactly how to dress that morning. Please download now and enjoy.

玩工具App|Morning Inspiration免費|APP試玩

God Bless!

* Set the alarm to wake you with either a Bible verse reading or a soothing ring tone

* A different inspirational Bible verse every day

* Enter your zip code to know local weather

* Press play button on bottom right of screen to hear the verse anytime

* Choose between Fahrenheit or Celsius

**Updated Version**

Corrects Weather Icon Bug, Repeating Verses Bug, Alarm override bug

Thank You for Downloading

玩工具App|Morning Inspiration免費|APP試玩

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