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With Movieskip you can save yourself and your friends a bunch of time by preselecting all the movies you've already seen or don't want to see.

When you are going to watch a movie and don't know what to watch you can use the app to get movies suggested that you or your friends haven't seen.

A movie is displayed and you get the option to either save it to your database by clicking the "save movie" button or swiping to the right or you can skip it by clicking the "show another" button or swiping to the left.

Saving a movie means that it will never be displayed again and skipping it means that it will be.

One tip is to save movies that you won't want to watch as well as the movies you've already seen.

When you are going to watch a movie with your friends all you have to do is add them as friends and then start looking for movies again.

To add a friend to your matching friends you just press the friends icon in the top right corner or swipe up and then search for their username and click it.

Just remember that if you have friends in your friends list they will be matching. Unfriend them by pressing the unfriend button.

If you feel like it's boring to sit around and click for movies just do it when you've got nothing else to do. You will get a lot of movies quickly to your database, and it's actually more fun than you think.



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