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玩個人化App|MusicGallery-IG slideshow免費|APP試玩

Create MusicGallery using your Instagram or gallery photos, add music you love!

The magic of Instagram is that you can freeze a moment in time. What if you can make a slideshow by several photos adding your music as a MusicGallery?

****** MAIN FEATURES ******

* The fastest and smallest app for generating your lovely video.

玩個人化App|MusicGallery-IG slideshow免費|APP試玩

* Option to choose transition effect of slideshow

* Easiest for finding thousands of photos in your phone by displaying in different folders

* Easily to cut,copy,delete,sort and add photos

玩個人化App|MusicGallery-IG slideshow免費|APP試玩

* Option to add a soundtrack from your music library

* No time limit for your video when share to Youtube, Facebook, line,wechat,vine,or via email

* The flat style UI

玩個人化App|MusicGallery-IG slideshow免費|APP試玩

* Adjust audio speed

****** SHARING FEATURES ******

* Option to share to Instagram, Facebook

* Save to photo gallery

玩個人化App|MusicGallery-IG slideshow免費|APP試玩

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