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You like beers and you want to keep a trace of all beers that you had drunk in order to recognize them easily?

You have a little or big beer cellar and you need a tool to manage it?

You like to share your last favorite beer with your friends?

玩娛樂App|My Beers (Free)免費|APP試玩

So, this app is made for you !

That’s what you can do with it :

玩娛樂App|My Beers (Free)免費|APP試玩

- You can scan bottles and cans that you have drunk in order to find them easily after. Or you can scan all bottles of your beer cellar in order to manage it. Or both…

- You can also sort your beers by name, bar code, category, rating, container (bottles, can), brewer, land and do a search by using same critera.

- If you taste a good beer in a restaurant of at friends, scan it ! Then you can recognize it easily.

玩娛樂App|My Beers (Free)免費|APP試玩

- You can also export your list of beers on a SD card

- You can send your beer list by mail and open it in an excel sheet.

玩娛樂App|My Beers (Free)免費|APP試玩

- In order to recognize beers that you have, you can take a picture of the bottle or can.

- You can create custom items in the reports and manage your drop-downs.

- You can translate the app in your language by yourself.

玩娛樂App|My Beers (Free)免費|APP試玩

-You can bulk scan your beers

-You can synchronize your list between multiple devices

玩娛樂App|My Beers (Free)免費|APP試玩

- Finally, to manage better your list or your cellar, you can rate every beer that you have drink and share these ratings with other users.

Visit our website for more information:

玩娛樂App|My Beers (Free)免費|APP試玩

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