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Your dream is to have an organized pantry but you have some difficulties to manage it ?

You have already found a very very old canned food in your pantry?

You like to know permanently what you can find in your pantry?

Have you ever asked if you have always can of tuna when you go to grocery?

玩購物App|My Pantry (free)免費|APP試玩

If you answer yes, this app is for you! Otherwise, that will probably happen one day J

That’s what you can do with it :

- You can add products in your pantry, with these attributes: name, category, localization (left pantry, right pantry,…), price, quantity, buy date, expired date (when a product is expired, the device rings).

- You have the possibility to create several pantries (pantry 1, pantry 2,…) and name them. Then, you can sort your products by pantry.

玩購物App|My Pantry (free)免費|APP試玩

- This app is connected with several providers. So, the most of the fields will be fill in automatically.

- You have the possibility to synchronize this app between several devices (mobile, tablet,..).

- You can also export your pantries in an excel sheet. So, you can, for example, print the list of your products. That will be useful.

- You can also look for a product and sort them by name, scan, category, description and localization.

玩購物App|My Pantry (free)免費|APP試玩

- You will have also the possibility to send your pantries by mail or PDF.

- And, big news, you can synchronise this app with the app My Caddy (grocery list). So, when your pantry is empty, you can send the content in the My Caddy and you know what buy.

- You can create custom items in the reports and manage your drop-downs.

- You can translate the app in your language by yourself.

玩購物App|My Pantry (free)免費|APP試玩

In the paid version, you can also:

- Import your pantries in an excel sheet.

- Do a backup and restore your data’s

Visit our site for further details:

玩購物App|My Pantry (free)免費|APP試玩

玩購物App|My Pantry (free)免費|APP試玩

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