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玩工具App|My Place - Triggers Profiler免費|APP試玩

My Place lets you control your device by your location. Control the WiFi, Bluetooth, Sound and more in just few clicks! Just select a location and that's it!

No more battery draining because you forgot to turn off the WiFi when you left your house. No more phone rings at school. Life will be easier.

✪ My Place is working in background and you don't have to worry about anything.

✪ My Place is easy to use.

Actions that you can do:

✪ Control WiFi

玩工具App|My Place - Triggers Profiler免費|APP試玩

✪ Control Bluetooth

✪ Control Sound Settings

✪ Start an application

✪ Open a website


玩工具App|My Place - Triggers Profiler免費|APP試玩

Please feel free to report any problems.

Please DON'T send a negative feedback without contact with us first.

玩工具App|My Place - Triggers Profiler免費|APP試玩

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