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玩生產應用App|My Timesheet for SECTOR免費|APP試玩

My Timesheet for SECTOR is an SAP Fiori based application where employees have the ability to manage their time entries quickly and efficiently.

NOTE: My Timesheet for SECTOR works with SECTOR -based enterprise applications, including OpenPeak Toggle, BlackBerry Secure Work Space, and Deutsche Telekom Secure App Container. A SECTOR enabled user account is required to access My Timesheet for SECTOR. If you do not have this account, please contact your company’s IT administrator.

Key Features:

玩生產應用App|My Timesheet for SECTOR免費|APP試玩

• View weekly time entry details at a glance, with one-step release or delete

玩生產應用App|My Timesheet for SECTOR免費|APP試玩

• Create time entry for a single day or multiple days in a single step

玩生產應用App|My Timesheet for SECTOR免費|APP試玩

• Option to review and modify existing timesheet entries

• Option to copy an existing time entry

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