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Low-cost calls from your mobile on any of the MyNetFone great-value VoIP plans.

Simply install this app on your Android phone & use a MyNetFone VoIP Plan to make calls over your Wi-Fi and 3G connection. You can sign up for a new plan from $9.95 per month with 200 included calls, or use an available SIP endpoint from your existing MyNetFone Plan.

With MyNetFone VoIP, you can not only cut your home phone bills, but save on mobile calls as well! The service includes:

• Low-cost call rates

• Great Voice quality

• Unlimited technical support from our Sydney-based call centre

• Plans from $9.95/month including 200 untimed Australia-wide calls, or Global plans with international included calls

How to Sign Up MyNetFone:

Refer to the MyNetFone Android VoIP App Quick Start Guide - - or follow the steps below:

1. Download the MyNetFone Mobile VoIP App.

2. New customers: Sign up for a MyNetFone VoIP Plan - - and you will receive your new SIP Endpoint details in the Service Confirmation email.

Existing customers: you can use your spare SIP endpoint Username & password or if you do not have a spare SIP endpoint, you can sign up for an additional VoIP plan.

3. Start your MyNetFone Mobile VoIP App on your Android phone and register your SIP Endpoint username and password.

If you have any questions, give our friendly Customer Service Team a call on 1300 731 048.

App Software Features

玩通訊App|MyNetFone VoIP免費|APP試玩

• Make and receive VoIP calls† with multitask support

• Codec support: G.729A, G.711A & G.711U

• Caller identification

• Connectivity through WIFI/3G††

• Integrated contacts from the Android phone

• Loudspeaker/volume control

• Recent call logs

• Voicemail access

• Blind call transfer

• Call hold

• Mute calls

• Recording

† You need to either have an existing VoIP account with MyNetFone (with spare SIP Endpoint), or sign up for a new VoIP Plan in order to make or receive VoIP Calls.

玩通訊App|MyNetFone VoIP免費|APP試玩

†† Some mobile providers may block SIP traffic. Before using MyNetFone VoIP, check your mobile service provider’s terms of use to make sure that they allow SIP calls on their network.

This software is distributed under the GNU General Public License.

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