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Create and write NFC messages

using your mobile and computer together in an effective workflow.

Supports all kinds of NDEF Records and data types (NDEF is the the native NFC data format in Android):

- URI Records

- Text Records

- Mime Records

- External Type Records including Android Application Records

玩生產應用App|NFC Developer免費|APP試玩

- Handover Records

- and more

Getting started:

From your computer, open the online NDEF editor at

or get the Eclipse plugin at

玩生產應用App|NFC Developer免費|APP試玩

for a file-based editor.

Once your NFC message is composed, the editor automagically generates a binary QR code - scanned by this app. Then simply touch up an NFC tag to write - couldn't be more simple.

Additional features:

- Auto-detect and preview of various data types

- Load/save to file, email as attachment

- Writing tags as read-only

- Reading tags and beams

玩生產應用App|NFC Developer免費|APP試玩

- NFC Intent broadcasts

- Pretty printing previews of XML and JSON

- Remembers tags. Simply swipe to traverse!

- Beam support

Also see

for code examples and full demo apps.

玩生產應用App|NFC Developer免費|APP試玩

Please note that the auto-detection of binary payload is no exact science. But if you are working with XML or JSON formats you'll love it! :-)

Non-NFC devices

These devices are supported through the use of broadcast intent (like the FakeTagsActivity Android example).


Please supplement any negative review of this app with a description of the problem(s),

if not improving the application is not possible.


玩生產應用App|NFC Developer免費|APP試玩

Bonus: The Eclipse Plugin site also hosts a downloadable version of this app which accesses and renders contents in URI records (requires the internet permission).

玩生產應用App|NFC Developer免費|APP試玩

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