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Make the most of the 2013 NICSA General Membership Meeting with the NICSA GMM app designed to create the ultimate on-site conference experience right at your fingertips.

Here are a few features you can look forward to:

-Create your own custom schedule with the sessions and events you want to see

-Follow and socialize with NICSA on Twitter (#NICSAGMM), Facebook and other online social networks

-Get a quick list of the sessions that will be starting within the hour

玩商業App|NICSA GMM 2013免費|APP試玩

-Find out who is sitting next to you by browsing through the up-to-date attendee list

-Get the inside scoop on who's presenting

-View the interactive show floor map that let's you locate your favorite vendors

-and much more!

Connecting investment industry professionals to best practices is what NICSA does best. Download your official attendee app, today.

For more information about NICSA, visit:

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