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玩動作App|Neon Dodger免費|APP試玩

Put simply: pilot your glowing, neon ship past tons of neon, geometric badness! Spinning asteroid-like octagons! Deadly moving pinwheels! Orange-ish things that are like glowing swords or knives or something, we don't really know!

Compete against users around the world for the top score!

- Quick-play reflex-based game tests your ability to steer past tons of obstacles!

玩動作App|Neon Dodger免費|APP試玩

- Three difficulty levels with separate scoreboards!

- Simplistic yet stylish graphics and sound!

- Global scoreboards with daily, weekly, and overall rankings!

- Super-fast loading times!

- Game state saving/restoring! Don't lose your game due to errant button pushes!

玩動作App|Neon Dodger免費|APP試玩

- Another feature entry ending in an exclamation point!

(For those wondering "why does this game require identification information," it's simply used in an anonymous way to keep users on the online scoreboards differentiated, so even if there are multiple people with the same name on the boards, it will always know which one is you!)

Release History:

玩動作App|Neon Dodger免費|APP試玩


- Fixed a crash bug relating to user names with special characters(including the high score list)

- Removed the advertisements during gameplay. They were distracting, AND causing performance issues.


玩動作App|Neon Dodger免費|APP試玩


玩動作App|Neon Dodger免費|APP試玩

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