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iPad Landscape Mode fixed

Added Back Buttons to every screen

Note: almost all screens have swiping to go back as well

Written by a vascular neurologist!

Lots of Commonly Used Neurology/Neurosurgery Grading Scales in One Place - Many With Prognosis!

NIH Stroke Scale and Much, Much More!

Not Flashy - Just Fast and Functional

iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad Universal App



NIH Stroke Scale - With Emailed Results for your office chart

ABCD2 Scale for TIAs

CHADS2 Score for Afib

CHA2DS2-VASc Score


Framingham Heart Score



F.A.S.T Stroke Screen

玩音樂App|Neuro Toolkit免費|APP試玩

Subarachnoid Hemorrhage:

Hunt and Hess Scale (includes prognosis)

Fisher Scale (includes prognosis)

Modified Fisher Scale (includes prognosis)

World Federation of Neurosurgeons Scale

Ogilvy-Carter System (includes prognosis)

Risk of Aneurysm Rupture


Spetzler-Martin AVM Scale

Risk of AVM Rupture

Spetzler-Ponce Classification

Intracerebral Hemorrhage:

ICH Volume Calculation with Outcome

ICH Score (includes prognosis)

Time to ICH Becoming Isodense on CT

FUNC Outcome Score


Glasgow Coma Scale - Adult and < 2 y.o.

Anoxic Encephalopathy Prognosis Algorithm

AAN Brain Death Criteria

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SCAT2 Sports Concussion Scale with emailed results

Ramsay Sedation Scale

FOUR Score for Coma

Outcome Scores:

Glasgow Outcome Score

Modified Rankin Score

Oxford Handicap Scale

Cerebral Performance Categories Score

Modified Ashworth Spasticity Scale


Corrected Phenytoin Levels for Low Albumin

including SI units

CrCl Calculation

Anticonvulsant Dosing

Renal Dosing of Certain Anticonvulsants

Status Epilepticus Management

AAN Epilepsy Quality Measures with summary page


UPDRS (Unified Parkinson's Disease Rating Scale) - with Emailed Results for your office chart

**NOTE: This is the original UPDRS, not the 2007 MDS UPDRS

玩音樂App|Neuro Toolkit免費|APP試玩

AAN Parkinson's Quality Measures with summary page

Snellen Eye Chart

Multiple Sclerosis:

EDSS Calculator for MS (with Email results)

McDonald 2010 Diagnostic Criteria

MIDAS Migraine Test (with Email results)

Geriatric Depression Score

El Escorial Revised ALS Diagnostic Criteria


Flashlight and "Tuning Fork" for iPhone and iPod Touch devices that have these features. Sorry iPad users. (version 2.90)

A Top 50 Paid Medical iPhone App!

A Top 30 Paid Medical iPad App!

Featured in the "New and Noteworthy" Medical App Section

Reviewed in Neurology (the green journal) May 15, 2012:

"I recommend Neuro Toolkit to all neurology practitioners"

Reviewed in MD Net Guide Neurology/Psychiatry Magazine September 2010: "very useful", "liked the interface", "presented in a clear-cut and usable fashion"

A "useful app" December 16, 2010 Neurology Today

玩音樂App|Neuro Toolkit免費|APP試玩

More Coming Soon - Please Suggest Some !

玩音樂App|Neuro Toolkit免費|APP試玩

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