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玩音樂App|New Caledonia Radio Stations免費|APP試玩

Listen to the best Noumea New Caledonian Radio Stations on your android device. Music, News and more.

* Easy to use app with instant Track Info and share function.

* Turns radio automatically off, when you receive a call!

玩音樂App|New Caledonia Radio Stations免費|APP試玩

* To share radio stations, press long and click "share"

* When you exit the app while a radio station is still active and playing, you can see a small music note in the notification bar. That is how you can get back to the app and either stop or change the station. App will not be listed in Task Manager.

This is a FREE ad supported App, but without any annoying push ads!

I recommend a fast internet connection for top app performance. Wifi, 4G, etc.

玩音樂App|New Caledonia Radio Stations免費|APP試玩

I have tested the app and all stations are working without skipping. If you still find errors, please report them to me.

Thank you and enjoy!

NOTE! If you see "Error Accessing Audio File", after "buffering", please try again later! Some stations are not a 100% reliable and/or have a max. limit of listeners.

玩音樂App|New Caledonia Radio Stations免費|APP試玩

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