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You would be pleased to know that we're a team of 3 students currently pursuing MCA at Nirma University: Labdhi, Pranjal and Krushnakant. And we're trying to develop a one-stop solution for Nirma University on Android devices.

It gives us immense pleasure to help and support students community by providing them information about our University; various study materials, question papers and much more on their mobile devices. Kindly note that all the downloadable material is uploaded only for educational purposes with the sole aim of helping students. We are highly indebted to many of our friends whose incessant support has helped us shape the application. Let's ensure ourselves that this application will have full-fledged community support to help it reach the next level.

We're continuously working for improving the quality of this application and adding more and more features into it. Your feedback is welcome! Enjoy! :)

玩教育App|Nirma University免費|APP試玩

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