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Test your puzzle solving skills in this unique color matching game, where your objective is to clear the stage of all bubbles. You will combine basic colors to form complex ones, combine complex colors to reverse-build basic colors, to finally match oposite spectrum bubbles to vanish them.

Enjoy three different modes of the game. 30 pre-built stages of increasing difficulty in the Puzzle Challenge will make you to feel comfortable with the rules, and later push your wits to the limits. The demanding 6 Bubbles mode will present you with a completely new environment, where after each move new bubbles appear on the board, thus forcing you to plan your moves in a tactical way. Finaly, the chillout Nirvana mode will let you just relax, and enjoy playing with colors.

Learn the basics of the game during an ultra simple visual tutorial, store your best scores in the dynamic High Scores section, and post your most spectacular achievments on Facebook with the in-built Share option.

Remember, it's all about colors!

Features list:

- an easy to learn, hard to master puzzle game with beautiful graphics and relaxing music

- 30 pre-built stages to solve of increasing difficulty

- challenging 6 Bubbles mode

玩解謎App|Nirvana Bubbles免費|APP試玩

- relaxing chillout Nirvana mode

- simple yet efficient manual which will allow you to instantly start playing

- a robust save feature

- High Scores record

玩解謎App|Nirvana Bubbles免費|APP試玩

- integrated Share to Facebook feature

玩解謎App|Nirvana Bubbles免費|APP試玩

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