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Alive Street Fashion Magazine fringe J

We hit the street to find the mainstreaming street fashion people in Korea.

There is no one right answer, but there are plenty of good examples!

玩生活App|No.1 Fashion Magazine FringeJ免費|APP試玩

Now you can always get closer to fashion through Fringe J!

Fringe J has been renewed in celebration of 1 year anniversary.

玩生活App|No.1 Fashion Magazine FringeJ免費|APP試玩

Our menus have been upgraded in so many ways! Take a look at our new Style talk, Trend talk, Snap wall and My fringe!

1.Awesome detail photos

- The detail photos are bigger now. Were they too small to satisfy you? Problem solved!

玩生活App|No.1 Fashion Magazine FringeJ免費|APP試玩

- If an item has a shop-link on the internet, you can go see more about the item all for yourself. Just click the red label we attached upper right side.

2.Glamorous Snap wall

玩生活App|No.1 Fashion Magazine FringeJ免費|APP試玩

-This space is for all the fringe users. Share your interesting moments and pictures! Do you need some fashion advice? Use this. Upload anything you want to share.

3.Trend talk

-Editor’s column about Fashion, Style, Trend, Friendship, Love… anything that lives with you every day.

玩生活App|No.1 Fashion Magazine FringeJ免費|APP試玩

4.A vs B

-Are you seriously hesitating which one you will get among two equally awesome items? Upload them here and let people decide.

玩生活App|No.1 Fashion Magazine FringeJ免費|APP試玩

5.My fringe

-You can manage your profile picture, status, all your posts, friends’ list right here.

玩生活App|No.1 Fashion Magazine FringeJ免費|APP試玩

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