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Nomedia is a tool which purpose is to hide pictures, songs or videos. Gallery, MP3 Player, Video Player and others won't display the media files in red written directories. To hide or show the content, touch and hold the directory.



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  • 小熊.nomedia 管理工具- Google Play Android 應用程式

    小熊.nomedia 管理工具是一個用來管理SD 卡裡.nomedia 檔案的簡單工具。用法很簡單, ... 方便好用,蝴蝶2 手動新增.nomedia一直無法移除圖片這個app好方便。

  • Nomedia - Google Play Android 應用程式

    This app identifies folders, creates and deletes .nomedia files, refresh the ... filter undesired ringtones, music and other files used by some apps and games

  • Nomedia - Google Play Android 應用程式

    那麼.nomedia文件是什麼呢?如果在一個文件夾中含有.nomedia文件,那麼android係統中的媒體係統將不會掃描這個文件下的任何媒體文件,這樣一些基於媒體係統 ...

  • Tiny .nomedia Manager - Android Apps on Google Play

    Tiny .nomedia Manager is a lightweight application to hide pictures, songs or videos. Gallery, MP3 Player, Video Player and others won't display the media files ...

  • 小熊.nomedia管理工具隱藏不相關的相片錄音檔案| Android ...

    QR Code (按圖連結至Google Play Store). qrcode. Google Play Store 網頁版連結 ...

  • [Android]HTCM8範例.nomedia 相片集隱藏圖片教學@ Chuck ...

    2015年2月27日 - Android的使用者應該很多人有這個煩惱,我就是使用M8 愛亂下載APP又常常FB下載貼圖的我,總會讓相簿呈現一堆雜七雜八的圖不管是用土法煉 ...

  • StudioKUMA .nomedia Manager | AppBrain Android Market

    Get the StudioKUMA .nomedia Manager Android app (100000+ downloads) ⇒ * NOTE: Don't use on Android 4.2 devices, it is known to crash...

  • How To Prevent A Directory From Being Scanned By ...

    2011年4月19日 - To prevent your Gallery app from scanning these directories at launch, you ... that you want hidden and create an empty file titled “.nomedia”.

  • What's a nomedia file | Android Forums

    2015年6月5日 - A .nomedia file is a blank file placed inside a folder. ... does not scan that folder so the images in that folder don't appear in the Gallery app.

  • Why don't nomedia files work? - Android Forums at

    I have folders that i want to exclude from the Gallery, music app, etc.... For example wallpapers and podcasts. I put ". nomedia" files in.