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Scientific tool/solver to solve single variable non-linear equations (NLS). The app can compute multiple roots of a NLS. The app has two different options to compute the root of NS viz. (a) general (b) specific. General search option gives the root of NLS without any user specified limits (should be used for NLE with single roots).Specific search option gives the root within the limits specified by the user (should be used for NLS with multiple roots to find multiple roots with different limits).The results can be sent to any e-mail id by using “Send e-mail” option in main menu.The app has a very rich and user-friendly UI (user interface).

Please read the Equation format specified in help before attempting to solve complex non-linear equations.

The NLS solves the non-linear equations with an accuracy of 1e-7 (i.e. the value of the inputted non-linear equation would be less than or equal to 1e-7)

★ Application areas: Some of applications areas are:

Modelling data

Physics and sciences

玩教育App|Non Linear Solver Free免費|APP試玩



玩教育App|Non Linear Solver Free免費|APP試玩



★ Who should buy this app?

玩教育App|Non Linear Solver Free免費|APP試玩



玩教育App|Non Linear Solver Free免費|APP試玩

-Engineering students

-Science students

★ Why buy this app?

玩教育App|Non Linear Solver Free免費|APP試玩

- Solves non-linear equations in quick time

- Reduces time in research

★ Have Suggestions or Issues?

玩教育App|Non Linear Solver Free免費|APP試玩

Email [email protected] and you'll get a prompt response.

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