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This application is intended for use with services provided by Now Then Financial and is broken up into 8 areas!

"Doing what we can NOW to make sure you are better THEN."​ - Carlos Then

1. Tax Check List - To help you determine what documents you need to bring when filing your taxes.

玩財經App|Now Then Financial Tax免費|APP試玩

2. Income Tax Estimator - To help you figure out how much you'll owe or be refunded. (currently only supports single and federal amount).

3. Inquiry - To ask a question or book an appointment with Now Then Financial. ( Or to inquire about estimated income tax return)

玩財經App|Now Then Financial Tax免費|APP試玩

4. Expense Area - To keep track of eligible mileage and receipts that can be deducted at the end of the year. ( You can take pictures of receipts as well)

5. Debt Breaking Calculator - To assist you in getting out of debt. ( Best to determine a budget first we can help with this)

玩財經App|Now Then Financial Tax免費|APP試玩

6. Promotions Area - To provide discounts to those who are eligible. (students, military, etc. just present coupon)

7. Tax Rewards Card - To provide rewards to those who help grow our business.

玩財經App|Now Then Financial Tax免費|APP試玩

8. Useful Links - To give you access to useful information on the web.

We here at Now Then Financial truly wish to help our customers realize that achieving a future that is an improvement on the present requires change NOW. They will recognize that new skills are needed, new actions are required, and new behaviors must be learned. Since these elements are quickly identified and outwardly evident, we call these skills, behaviors, actions, and techniques the "balanced" elements of self finance. They are things that should be known by anyone involved with finances. Whether professional or personal. Yet our experience has convinced us that these elements are "unbalanced" and people are not where they want to be. Without an honest exploration of these elements, any skills or behaviors will fail to produce sustained improvements. Our logo characterizes this concept of "balance" through time and guidance. We are Now Then Financial and together we will be the change we want to see in the world.

We offer tax filing services and notarizing, as well as help with creating a budget in order to eliminate debt.


CALL_PHONE - To call Now Then Financial.

玩財經App|Now Then Financial Tax免費|APP試玩

INTERNET - To use links to useful websites.

READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - To view Receipt Files that have been saved.

玩財經App|Now Then Financial Tax免費|APP試玩

WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - To save Receipt Files.

玩財經App|Now Then Financial Tax免費|APP試玩

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