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Nutti Milk App is the Ultimate Nutmilk Guide!

* 8 VIDEO DEMOS demonstrating how easy to make a nut milk

玩健康App|Nutti Milk免費|APP試玩

* Nutti Milk RECIPE CALCULATOR - enter serving size and no. of servings, get exact quantity of ingredients needed, easy and fun!

* 8 Basic Recipes for nutmilk, such as Brazil, Pecan, Banana Almond, Hemp & more

玩健康App|Nutti Milk免費|APP試玩

* 10 Advanced Recipes for developing a nutmilk with a top nutritional profile

* Groundbreaking DOCUMENTARY detailing the dairy industry and health reasons for a non-dairy lifestyle

玩健康App|Nutti Milk免費|APP試玩

* Glossary of all the ingredients with their nutritional information

玩健康App|Nutti Milk免費|APP試玩

* Nutti News regular updates of news that will enhance health

玩健康App|Nutti Milk免費|APP試玩

* Fan Wall to share pictures, recipe ideas and other messages!

玩健康App|Nutti Milk免費|APP試玩

* Contact the Nutti Milk team for free personalized recipe advice

玩健康App|Nutti Milk免費|APP試玩

* The Perfect solution for an alternative to dairy milk

* Nutti Milk Shop with the highest quality products for the best nut milk ever!

Drink delicious Nutti Milk recipes chilled or add to smoothies and other beverages!

NOTE: This App requires a 3G / 4G or WIFI connection for RSS Feeds.

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