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Welcome to the Nxtbook Nxtstand, your premier digital edition experience for Android devices. Search our ever-growing catalog for a wide variety of magazines, catalogs, visitor guides and more. From the most popular to the more obscure, you’ll find it on the Nxtbook Nxtstand.

Check back often, as new titles are added weekly.

Features include:

*Easy paper-like page navigation

玩新聞App|Nxtbook Nxtstand免費|APP試玩

*Live links to advertiser websites

*Integrated audio and video

玩新聞App|Nxtbook Nxtstand免費|APP試玩

*Handy Table-of-Contents navigation

*Search issues for content

玩新聞App|Nxtbook Nxtstand免費|APP試玩

* Share content via social media

玩新聞App|Nxtbook Nxtstand免費|APP試玩

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