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Are you struggling to remember line reactions, reagents, and mechanisms in your Organic Chemistry II class? Are you disappointed with what seems like continuous studying without the results you expect on the exams? Then the OChem II Survival Guide is exactly what you need! Using the expertise and lecture notes from Professor Jason Locklin, who has taught Organic Chemistry II at the University of Georgia for the past six years, we have developed this interactive app in order to help you to master the material.

The OChem II Survival Guide includes over 150+ reactions!

With these reactions, you can:

玩教育App|OChem II Survival Guide免費|APP試玩

-View reactions by category!

-View all reactions!

-Search for reactions!

玩教育App|OChem II Survival Guide免費|APP試玩

-Flag the reactions you need to remember!!

-Take notes on the reactions!!!

Also, along with each reaction comes one or more of the following:

-Detailed arrow pushing reaction mechanism

玩教育App|OChem II Survival Guide免費|APP試玩

-Important facts and details about the reaction


Aside from just reactions, the OChem II Survival Guide also includes:

-pKa Tables

玩教育App|OChem II Survival Guide免費|APP試玩

-Common Functional Groups and a list of their physical properties

-1H Chemical Shifts

-IR Absorptions Chart

All of this for your convince and to help you master one of the most difficult subjects you will take at your College or University!

玩教育App|OChem II Survival Guide免費|APP試玩

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