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Obunsha Comprehensive English-Japanese Dictionary • Contains over 180,000 entries • Thousands of expressions and examples • No internet connection needed.

This app contains the full version of the Obunsha Pocket Comprehensive English-Japanese/Japanese-English Dictionary. Imagine carrying one of the most renowned Japanese-English dictionaries in your pocket!

Obunsha is one of the leading publishers of authoritative, high-quality dictionaries in Japan. It has a long, well-established history of publishing bestseller language text books and study books and is comparable to any top European dictionary maker. Its dedicated team of lexicographers makes use of a vast array of language data to compile up-to-date dictionaries with a wealth of examples and grammatical information.

Features of this dictionary:

• comprehensive two way English-Japanese dictionary suited to learners of both English and Japanese.

• 130,000 English to Japanese entries and 50,000 Japanese to English entries.

• clearly presented word entries with a wealth of phrases and examples.

玩書籍App|Obunsha English-Japanese免費|APP試玩

• an abundance of grammatical information including irregular verb and nouns forms.

• updated to cover the latest vocabulary in Japanese and English ranging from literary & technical language to slang.

• use DioDict's built-in Japanese handwriting input recognition.

• search results are narrowed down as you type.

• no internet connection necessary to use dictionary.

玩書籍App|Obunsha English-Japanese免費|APP試玩

--Search Features--

• wildcard search: enter “?” or “*” in place of a letter when you are unsure of the spelling (e.g., “man*ver” retrieves the word “maneuver”).

• browse through the dictionary alphabetically or flip from one entry to the next with a flick of a finger.

--Vocab Revision--

• history menu lists all your recent word searches.

• save words and expressions to any number of flashcard folders.

玩書籍App|Obunsha English-Japanese免費|APP試玩

• mark words in your flashcard folder which you still need to memorize.

* over Android 2.2 platform

* You may also notice a $1.00 transaction from Google, which is actually a pending authorization request between Google billing system and the bank that issued your credit or debit card, so you won't end up paying the extra $1.00.

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玩書籍App|Obunsha English-Japanese免費|APP試玩

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