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What if there was an app which allowed you to instantly value your wine investments?

Introducing OenoCellar, the one-stop app for managing your wine collection and investments with accuracy and ease. Powered by Wine-Searcher, OenoCellar offers immediate valuations and statistics to keep you informed as to the current market price of your wines and help facilitate buying and selling decisions.

In addition, use the search feature for quick access to stores selling specific wines and vintages, whether searching close to home or for the best prices globally.


• Manage your wine collection and investment inventory.

• Receive instant valuations and clear statistics of your cellar.

• Find current prices and up to date information in seconds.

• Search for wines to buy near you or for the best prices world-wide.

• Store your favorite wines for faster searches.

Download this user-friendly app, with a clear and bright design, to keep all your wine information stored at your fingertips!

This free edition contains advertisements but a paid version of OenoCellar is also available with no ads!

We are constantly adding new features and all feedback is appreciated.

玩財經App|OenoCellar Free免費|APP試玩

玩財經App|OenoCellar Free免費|APP試玩

玩財經App|OenoCellar Free免費|APP試玩

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