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玩商業App|Office App免費|APP試玩

We created an app to make your office experience better & easier


- It’s the easiest & direct way to find & send information about your office.

- Choose to receive important messages about your office

- Order your carwash as we pick up your keys & deliver within 3 hours

- Send flowers to a colleague, friend or client

玩商業App|Office App免費|APP試玩

- Order your cake & pie for special occasions

- Get new gadgets

- Great discounts from shops around your office

- Leave your dry cleaning at the reception and we will do the rest

- One-tap safe taxi ordering

玩商業App|Office App免費|APP試玩

- You can easily send directions to clients


- WTC Schiphol

- Rockstart


We store your data safely on our servers. You can request a full copy of all your data within the app. We will delete all your account and all your data on request.

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We’d love to hear from you.

玩商業App|Office App免費|APP試玩

Email: [email protected]

玩商業App|Office App免費|APP試玩

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