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OmniTube allows you to stream YouTube videos directly to your TV,

Media Streamer, Computer or any other UPnP/DLNA compatible device!

Simply browse or search YouTube using the app, click on a selected

clip and view it on your TV or computer screen. No more using a bulky

hardware remote for choosing YouTube clips or using your computer's

keyboard - OmniTube allows you to lay back and stream YouTube videos

to your target screen.

The application automatically detects all compatible media devices

(TVs, Media Streamers, Windows Media Players, etc) on your home

玩娛樂App|OmniTube Lite免費|APP試玩

network and lets you choose the target device.

OmniTube Lite can only play Most Viewed clips.

For complete YouTube support see our full version.


1. UPnP / DLNA compliant display device (TV, Media Streamer, Windows

Media Player, etc)

2. WiFi connectivity

Not sure you have a compatible device? Download our Lite version of

玩娛樂App|OmniTube Lite免費|APP試玩

OmniTube for free and test your settings.

玩娛樂App|OmniTube Lite免費|APP試玩

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