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This App is in BETA. OngoSync Pro, comes with two years of Cloud Subscription plan.

OngoSync Pro is a tool to safely and securely backup/Sync Contacts, Call Logs, SMS, MMS, Browser Bookmarks, Media and non Media Files from your Mobile to our cloud.

View/edit/share your mobile data(Contacts, Call Log History, Bookmarks, Text and Multimedia messages, File Content), anywhere, anytime online(, even when your Mobile is not with you.

Control upload/download of individual data like Contacts, Call Log History, Bookmarks, Text and Multimedia messages, Bookmarks, File Content.

Remotely lock you mobile(with lock screen password), wipe out data.

Users Privacy is RESPECTED and GUARANTEED.

OngoSync would be useful in following situations...

玩工具App|OngoSync Pro免費|APP試玩

- To avoid loss of mobile contacts due to Mobile firmware upgrade or Mobile crashes, in such incidents, you will still have invaluable Contacts safely stored on

- When you are changing from one Handset to other. Contacts in old mobile can be backed up in our site, which can be further downloaded to your New Handset.

- When your Handset is temporarily unavailable due to out of battery, left at home accidentally, etc... you will be able to access your Contacts from website, anywhere in the world.

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