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Online Mobile Backup makes it easier to protect your smartphone’s data in case it is lost or stolen:

- Backup contacts and calendar entries

玩工具App|Online Mobile Backup免費|APP試玩

- Store up to 5GB of data including photos, music and videos*.

Online Mobile Backup also has security features which can enable some users to remotely lock their phones, locate them or set off an alarm to help find them. It can even allow some users to remotely wipe data from their phone.

To use this app you’ll need to be an eligible Signature Current Account customer and have registered for the Online Mobile Backup service through the My Benefits website. It’s simple to register and only takes a few moments.

玩工具App|Online Mobile Backup免費|APP試玩

Your stored data can then be accessed through the Online Mobile Backup website from a mobile phone, PC or tablet.

Important Information

*Videos, music and apps from iPhones cannot be backed up.

Requires GPS to run in the background. Continued use of GPS can dramatically decrease battery life.

Services may be affected by phone signal, functionality and compatibility.

Terms and conditions apply.

Online Mobile Backup is operated by Spare Backup Inc from the USA for. Spare Backup will transfer your information to the USA to store it and administer your account. By using this app and registering for Online Mobile Backup you consent to this.

玩工具App|Online Mobile Backup免費|APP試玩

玩工具App|Online Mobile Backup免費|APP試玩

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