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玩休閒App|Order Kanji 3免費|APP試玩

Reasoning power to derive the original form from loose parts.

Common sense force to answer the stroke order of correct kanji.

Puzzle games that require two of ability "order Kanji puzzle"!

※ Depending on the terminal there is a part which is not visible in the 119 questions first problem.

It will be in the top left of the mass is the first answer, please choose there first.

[How to Play]

玩休閒App|Order Kanji 3免費|APP試玩

1. attempts to return to the original Chinese characters to choose the parts of Chinese characters that fell apart!

2. As you select the parts in order as of stroke order we have combined the parts.

3. will try again and would choose the stroke order and the wrong parts.

[Recommended for People! ]

- Kanji is love

玩休閒App|Order Kanji 3免費|APP試玩

- Like puzzle games

- I like the brain training game

- I like the mystery game

- I want to remember the correct stroke order of kanji

玩休閒App|Order Kanji 3免費|APP試玩

- I want to soften the head,

- I want to kill time -

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玩休閒App|Order Kanji 3免費|APP試玩

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