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Oscar Senior, a tablet application for seniors that can be remotely managed by junior, provides an easy communication among seniors and family, friends or caregivers. Oscar is specifically designed for people with little or no computer experience or for those, who do not feel comfortable using it. Oscar Senior app is better than usual tablet launcher, because it provides much simpler interface and the bottomline is that it can be remotely managed by junior.

Easy to use app

玩通訊App|Oscar Senior 1免費|APP試玩

Oscar provides senior a seamless contact with junior. Junior can manage remotely senior’s application via Oscar Junior smartphone app or PC, thus avoiding senior’s frustration with technology. Moreover, with LiveView function, junior can see what is happening on senior´s tablet and provide help if necessary.

玩通訊App|Oscar Senior 1免費|APP試玩

How it works?

Download Oscar Senior application to a new or used tablet and give it to your grand/parents. Once Oscar Senior app is installed on an Android tablet you can voice and video call, send text and picture messages to your elderly parent via Oscar Junior smartphone app (available on Google Play). Used together they become an easy way to communicate and "remote control" everything on the senior´s tablet. Oscar is a great tool to help your elderly parents remotely, and while you may be far away, you stay closer and care easier.

Keep in touch & keep up

玩通訊App|Oscar Senior 1免費|APP試玩

In addition to communication, Oscar helps seniors stay alert by engaging them to read news reports, e-books, articles at Wikipedia, watch the weather forecast, play games or set up a reminder for important tasks like taking medicine or for doctor appointments. Thanks to Oscar you can keep all the family in the loop.

Simple interface

★ Everything seniors need in one simple interface, where every action is just one or two clicks away.

玩通訊App|Oscar Senior 1免費|APP試玩

★ Write message on keyboard with large letters or speak message easily.

★ Browse pictures from your loved ones or make a voice or video call.

玩通訊App|Oscar Senior 1免費|APP試玩

★ Easy access to reminders, news, weather, Wikipedia, games or books.

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玩通訊App|Oscar Senior 1免費|APP試玩

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玩通訊App|Oscar Senior 1免費|APP試玩

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