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Ever wanted to be able to search, view, phone, text or e-mail ANYONE in your company or organisation on your android device when you are away from the office ? If your organisation uses Microsoft Outlook, this App gives you EVERY employee contact that is on your company server ! Never again will you be without a company phone number when you are away from the office !

Better still, Outlook Address Book for Android does not need Internet Access to retrieve colleagues contact information from your company server. You will not need passwords or other complicated server information which are required for all other Apps on the market place. You will not be affected by data coverage when you are abroad, or when your company server is down.

Instead, Outlook Address Book for Android uses Microsoft Outlook's << Offline Address Book (OAB) >> that is stored on your organisation's desktop PC right now ! Syncing just one file to your android device will, with the help of this app, give you access to all of your organisation's contacts in a simple and user friendly android interface. Also, to protect your organisation's data, this app will take measures to secure the Offline Address Book in case your device is lost or stolen.

This app is fully functional with no limitations, NOT ad-supported and is completely free.

NOTE : It is not a standalone address book. It is only designed to work with Microsoft Outlook with Exchange Server

If you find this App useful, ask your IT administrator to contact developer to discuss a custom App

configured specifically for your organisation (with custom icon and also including caller ID !) This will allow your organisation's contact list to be deployed easily across all your employees handsets without needed to do the time consuming importing process.

Problems ?

To improve the quality of the App, please contact the developer if you have any problems using your organisation's Offline Address Book with this App.

玩商業App|Outlook Address Book免費|APP試玩


This App includes a PC application wizard to guide you through the synchronisation process. Full instructions are also included to describe how to import your organisation's Offline Address Book (OAB) into this App. The help file shows examples of how to sync this App with Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. The only requirements is that your organisation uses Outlook 2003 or later.

The wizard and help instructions can be downloaded from the "Visit Developer's Website" link below.


This App uses the following permissions

(i) Read / Write SD Storage : This permission is required to delete your organisation's Offline Address Book file from your android device after it has been imported into this App. This assures the security of your organisation's data.

(ii) Call Phone : This permission is required to allow you to phone the colleague you have selected directly from this App.


玩商業App|Outlook Address Book免費|APP試玩

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