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What is wrong with supercompensation models? How many hours of rest are needed to reach supercompensation between consecutive workouts? The fuzzy logic engine of this simple application based on a scale that measures perceived exertion overcome the limitations of the model and return the optimal rest time between workouts. This application is from an athlete to other athletes.

玩運動App|OverTraining AD免費|APP試玩

Is based on the theoretical model of Supercompensation. The exertion induced by the training is retrieved from the body at different times dependent to the workload. A fuzzy logic engine takes the two fundamental parameters of the supercompensative model: workload and time (in hours). The load is interpreted by the Borg scale and measure the perceived exertion.

Next releases will increase the number of fuzzy variables (like the training level) and features (like better GUI ;).

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