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玩生活App|PLATINUM Designer Clock Widget免費|APP試玩

PLATINUM Designer Clock Widget

"PLATINUM" is an elegant designer desktop alarm clock, a blend of classic and modern design.

"PLATINUM" is now highly customizable and optimized for most tablets and mobile phones.

Especially for honeycomb and ice cream sandwich (ics)! it supports portrait & landscape

Put the designer clock widget "PLATINUM" on your Android device's home screen in style.

Include a date display at your option.

Custom launcher menu for quick access by simply tapping the clock!

Choose the high-quality wallpapers that complement the clock,

and optional for the clock's ringtone round out the package.

widget content:

- Luxus desktop clock

- Optional date display on desktop

玩生活App|PLATINUM Designer Clock Widget免費|APP試玩

- Themed homescreen wallpaper

- Special ringtone

- Unlimited music alarms , auto snooze and auto dismiss for each alarm

- compatible with all launchers (e.g. Launcher Pro, ADW Launcher, Nova Launcher, or Home++).

All options configurable, spend time with "PLATINUM" and set it up exactly how you want it!

How to add "PLATINUM" to your home screen?

Older Android OS: Press and hold on any homescreen on your Android phone. Select Widget under the Add to Home menu. Choose a widget that you would like to install.

GoLauncher: Long press on your home screen in GO Launcher EX. Press the GOwidget option and choose the widget you like.

Android 4.0 or higher: Goto your Desktop, press the six-square button on the top right , then on the top left there is a menu for Apps and Widgets. Hit the Widgets Menue and scroll through. Touch and Hold, and put on desktop

- Make sure you have enough room for the widget.

Feel free to contact me if you have any problems or suggestions.

[email protected]

玩生活App|PLATINUM Designer Clock Widget免費|APP試玩

Made in Germany - copyright© all rights reserved Tapanifinal

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不限時間玩PLATINUM Designer Clock Widget App免費

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