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5 Elements of Time is the Best Panchang available on a mobile app. Get automated Alerts and practical things you can do each day to master time as measured by Day of the Week, Moon Phases, Star of the Day, Yoga and Karana. No need to decipher cryptic Vedic terminology about time. This is an amazing application designed to make the time work for your favor. Now you can analyze the best time to do activities, to avoid activities and make the day work out for you, with just a tap.

What all Elements you can view in this App?

玩生活App|Panchang Five Elements免費|APP試玩

1) Day - Overview of the whole day, the color for the day, along with the positive affirmations to be taken.

玩生活App|Panchang Five Elements免費|APP試玩

2) Tithi - Help you know the Overlord and benefits of the particular Moon Phases.

3) Star - Reveals what activities are to be done and to be avoided during a particular star (Nakshatra).

玩生活App|Panchang Five Elements免費|APP試玩

4) Yoga - Know the Yoga that is happening right now and it’s overlord.

玩生活App|Panchang Five Elements免費|APP試玩

5) Karana - Make use of the Karana of the particular time, it’s overlord and the activities to be done during that time.

The above 5 Elements also provide Mantras to be chanted to make the best use of time period.

玩生活App|Panchang Five Elements免費|APP試玩

No more waiting and wasting time! Get the help of the our app to find your new destiny. All it takes is just a few seconds. Download this application and start making benefit out of it.

玩生活App|Panchang Five Elements免費|APP試玩

Why is the App so different?

* Proactive alarms Alert you to Changes in the Moon Phase, Star, Yoga and Karana

玩生活App|Panchang Five Elements免費|APP試玩

* Unique and Simple Instructions on Dos and Dont's for the Day

玩生活App|Panchang Five Elements免費|APP試玩

* Helps you Make the best Use of Time

* A Single App to save Time

玩生活App|Panchang Five Elements免費|APP試玩

* Mantra to be Chanted is provided

玩生活App|Panchang Five Elements免費|APP試玩

Get ready to rewrite your destiny with the our App! We’re always motivated to hear from you. If you have any feedback's, suggestions or questions, please email it to:

[email protected]

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