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"Panda? Panda" is a humorous leisure climbing game by Zgame!

This will be the embodiment of a brave panda climbing up. All the way to avoid the various obstacles and to challenge their own limits.


There will be some cute bad guys give you a troublemaker but do not be afraid!

You can by a simple operation (touch screen) for about jumping, waving your hands sledgehammer and destroy them!


By collecting the three same enemy you can also gorgeous counterattack!

Counterattack effect animation in the game is super love ~~

[-----How to play-----]

Touch screen to avoid obstacles or hit the enemy

[-----Game features-----]

~ Three unique scenarios for all tastes, Funny make sense of the sleepwalking scene, a mysterious mechanical scenes and the last one is pink and sweet candy scene.

~ Collection of dolls and win the trophy achievements will be able to satisfy your desire to Collection

~Bonus game "Big Wheel" and "hit golden eggs" will random appear in Mechanics scene and Dream scene.

~Transfiguration to be various panda hero....Panda angel ...Panda Transformer...Panda candy...Panda devil... Panda musicologist...Panda Cupid...

Click the question mark on Title , Oh, surprise ~ ~ ~

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