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Paperworld Phone Paperz is the best flat minimal wallpaper pack on the Play Store. If you love the live wallpaper Paperland you will definitely enjoy Paperworld Wallpaper Pack! We've taken our time and hand crafted these masterpieces. They definitely enhance the look of your phone or tablet! -Phone Paperz Team

You don't need a launcher or custom icon pack to enjoy our wallpaper pack but if you do want to enhance your experience we recommend these:

Recommended Icon Packs:

Pop UI by KXNT

Minimal UI by KXNT

Click UI by KXNT

Lumos by KovDev

Nox by KovDev

Flatro by RyanMKelly

玩個人化App|Paperworld Wlpapr免費|APP試玩

Tendere by RyanMKelly

Hexacon by RyanMKelly

Umbra by RyanMKelly

Vibe by StealthyChief

Axis by StealthyChief

Stealth by StealthyChief

Recommended Launchers:

Nova Launcher

Google Now Launcher

玩個人化App|Paperworld Wlpapr免費|APP試玩

Action Launcher Pro

Apex Launcher

Solo Launcher

Smart Launcher 2

Holo Launcher

ADW Launcher EX

GO Launcher EX

Launchmate Pro


玩個人化App|Paperworld Wlpapr免費|APP試玩


Atom Launcher

Paperworld Phone Paperz How To

Option 1:

-Long press on your home screen

-Select Wallpapers then choose Paperworld

-Pick one that you like, then hit the check mark

Option 2:

-Open Paperworld Wallpaper Pack

玩個人化App|Paperworld Wlpapr免費|APP試玩

-Pick one that you like, then hit the check mark

Our wallpapers are all HD quality at 2000 x 1790 and above. They look absolutely wonderful on all devices. We've personally enjoyed them on the Galaxy & Nexus Android devices. All our wallpaper packs have been tested on the Nexus 5, Galaxy S4 & Galaxy S3.

玩個人化App|Paperworld Wlpapr免費|APP試玩

Paperworld Wlpapr 線上APP手遊玩免費

不限時間玩Paperworld Wlpapr App免費

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