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玩運動App|Parfect Score Golf Scorer免費|APP試玩

A simple, easy to use golf (or mini-golf) scoring app, which allows you to consolidate and compile your scorecards in one convenient place.

玩運動App|Parfect Score Golf Scorer免費|APP試玩

Parfect Score features the ability to save your favourite courses, as well as retrieve basic stats for you and your friends from your scored games. An elegant, scrollable scorecard interface allows you to add strokes to different players with ease. Parfect Score also allows you to save unfinished games to resume scoring later.

Parfect Score allows you to keep track of your greatest golfing triumphs.

Plans for future versions include:

玩運動App|Parfect Score Golf Scorer免費|APP試玩

- Course specific recording of handicaps for players.

玩運動App|Parfect Score Golf Scorer免費|APP試玩

- Support for automatic Stableford scoring.

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