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玩旅遊App|Paris Offline Travel Guide免費|APP試玩

More than 30 million people visit Paris, France every year, making it the world's most popular tourist destination. Paris has thousands of hotels, restaurants, art galleries and famous monuments that draw visitors to the destination that is also known as the city of lights because of its nighttime illumination.

The ultimate travel guide comes to your Android, with offline viewing. This guide has:

- all the must see locations, including pictures, details and an offline map

- offline maps, at 4 levels, so you can find your way without internet access

- all the country info you need to know before you go

玩旅遊App|Paris Offline Travel Guide免費|APP試玩

- all the annual events you should go to if you can

- an offline version of the wikitravel page

- the current local time

玩旅遊App|Paris Offline Travel Guide免費|APP試玩

- the exchange rate

- the local weather

玩旅遊App|Paris Offline Travel Guide免費|APP試玩

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