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With Password Safe Box, you will never headache where to keep your password, bank info, credit card, web info and other private information.

Don’t keep your privacy info into a piece of paper, it will exposure to anyone or lost it easily.

Never use the same password or pin number for everything, is dangerous.

Using new technique “Invisible Login Keypad”, with fast login and avoid anyone from knowing when you key in your password.. TRY IT, YOU WILL LOVE IT.


~ User Friendly

玩工具App|Password Safe Box免費|APP試玩

- No internet require(100% off-line)

~ 4 differences Password Login Keypad: 3 Invisible and 1 Traditional.

玩工具App|Password Safe Box免費|APP試玩

~ Password can change anytime.

~ Auto lock when idle time out.

玩工具App|Password Safe Box免費|APP試玩

~ Store your info with Top Secure Multi-Stage Encrypt System (TSMSES).

* All data encrypted with your password randomly.

* You’re the only one who knew your own password.

玩工具App|Password Safe Box免費|APP試玩

* Can not be uncrypt.

* Password and data will 100% not recoverable if password forgot.

玩工具App|Password Safe Box免費|APP試玩

* Keep your private info peace in mind.

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