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Updated: Read new instructions on help tab of app.

Paste It allows you to access saved notes and contact information and paste it where you are typing without leaving the app that you are in.

Have you ever had somebody say send me Bob's number or email address? You would usually have to leave your messaging app, go to your contacts app, find Bob, copy his number, open messaging app, and then paste. But it is a lot simpler with Paste It. Easily and quickly access your contact information without leaving your messaging app or where ever you are typing with this new app.




A notification will be created when you open the app.

Click the notification to select notes or contacts.

Then select the item that you want added to your clipboard.

Long press the text field and then select paste.

A trial version(Paste It Trial) is also available.


玩生產應用App|Paste It免費|APP試玩

Changes for 1.7:

Added add button to the top of the list in the note's tab.

Changes for 1.6:

Changed icon color.

Changes for 1.5:

Notification bar is used for finding items.

Check out the new help tab.

Changes for 1.4:

Increased menu items size for better viewing.

Changes for 1.3:

Fixed rotation issue.

Changes for 1.2:

Added default keyboard option.

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