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玩教育App|Pathology Exam免費|APP試玩

This program is to ​​equip the students before entering the exam and it includes almost all the Pathology material.

In most countries, this program helps the doctors. The Knowledge of Pathology terminology is given in its original language. This helps the student to pass the exam in their own right and also to be a reference to the doctor practitioners to review their information theory. Permanently this program contains more than 2000 terms of reference for each question and God willingly, it is subject to increase R & D, for the ease and fun at the same time.

We ask God Almighty to be with us in this idea and to help students pass their exams with ease.

It follows the format:

1. Selecting bunch of questions referred to it and pack a number questions to be answered

2. Show odds for the questions answered twice with the possibility to answer the question

in the case of the wrong answer in either case

3. There are ten questions each way to help 50% can be used to answer the question


4. After completion of the answer to all the questions, right and wrong answers show the

exam percentage.

5. Appear the next question after showing the right answer , if the appeared answer was


6. You can also go back to the main page to start another MRI exam or if you want to get

out of the exam

The idea of ​​the supervision - Dr. MOUSA IBRAHIM TURKI AL-HARIRI

Thanking You

玩教育App|Pathology Exam免費|APP試玩

玩教育App|Pathology Exam免費|APP試玩

玩教育App|Pathology Exam免費|APP試玩

玩教育App|Pathology Exam免費|APP試玩

玩教育App|Pathology Exam免費|APP試玩

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