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“Lets say you own a small business and you are away from your office… and you need to charge your customer’s credit card… There’s an App for That”

This Android App makes taking credit card payments Fast, Easy and Secure. PayPodd has a simple entry screen and works seamlessly with the "Big 4" major online gateways; Authorize.Net, PayPal Payflow Pro, Web Payments Pro (US) and Web Payments Pro (UK).

If you do not have a gateway yet, compare them here and sign up.

Customers typically choose Authorize.Net over PayPal for better rates.

If you already have one of these gateways you are all set. Just download PayPodd to your Android, iPhone, iPad or iPod and start charging customer credit cards immediately.

玩商業App|PayPodd Credit Card Terminal免費|APP試玩

“This App works perfect for my plumbing service. No more waiting for checks to clear. Transactions are approved in seconds.”

-Michael Brady- Plumber

This App ensures that when you're at that next trade show, selling door to door, or anywhere without access to your terminal, you will be able to accept credit cards for your business on your iPhone. Never miss another sale again. PayPodd adds new gateways on a continuous basis.

“Selling real estate just got easier. I made it easy for clients to make a deposit. My on site home deposits for first time home buyers increased by 30%.”

-Sandra Hernandez- Realtor

玩商業App|PayPodd Credit Card Terminal免費|APP試玩

The sweetest part is “PayPodd is 100% FREE” until December 31st 11:59 PM. No Hidden fees! No Readers! No Swipes! No Cables! Data Services may apply. Transform your iPhone into a wireless credit card terminal. Download it FREE! Limited Time Only! PayPodd works fast over WiFi and cell networks (EDGE/3G).

玩商業App|PayPodd Credit Card Terminal免費|APP試玩

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