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*This software will no longer work if you have updated the tablet to Android 4.4/KitKat. This is due to a severe bug introduced in the Android system, that if no wifi or cell data is detected, Android will refuse connection attempts even though Internet does exist through PdaNet. The only way around this is to connect your tablet to any WiFi hotspot at the same time, even ones that can't give you Internet access. Google will fix this on their end but we do not know when that will happen.

This software allows you to get FULL Internet on an Android tablet if you have an Android phone.

玩通訊App|PdaNet Tablet (new)免費|APP試玩

Simply install this program on your Android tablet then select "Configure" to pair with your phone. Follow the instruction if it asks you to install FoxFi or PdaNet on your phone side.

Depending on which phone and tablet you have, you can connect using either WiFi or Bluetooth.

This is completely rewritten and supports Full Internet access with zero delay.

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