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玩生活App|Pebble Tools免費|APP試玩

You can use this app with your Pebble watch (Pebble Tools Installed on your watch) to control you phone to:

* Take Photo

* Record audio and play the last record audio

* Make phone call

* Send SMS

* Turn Flashlight on / off

* Change music/ring/notification volume

* Make your phone vibrate

* Find your phone by Sound and Vibrate

玩生活App|Pebble Tools免費|APP試玩

* GPS Toggle ( Only available for some devices )

We have just release a new Android Wear version of this Watch Tools, you can find it here:

Now this APP can also work without Pebble Watch, you can config the actions and press the Test button to run it as shortcut for many function.

You can find the "Pebble Tools" for use on the watch in Pebble App Store, or use this link :


1. Install and run the Watch app 'Pebble Tools' on your Pebble Watch

2. Touch the button on your Phone screen which you want to config, then select the action

3. Press the button on your watch to take the action

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