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Welcome to PennCampusExplorer, a student-made map utility app for the University of Pennsylvania campus! See what Penn has to offer by perusing a detailed campus map, search for university buildings and have them shown to you, and even see where you currently are on campus in relation to everything else! Whether you're an incoming freshman, a visitor, or even an upperclassman, PennCampusExplorer is a useful tool that will definitely enhance your Penn experience (or at the very least, keep you from getting lost).

Features include:

*A comprehensive search function - find out where your classes are, locate a building of interest, or simply scroll through to see what's out there. You can search by building name, abbreviation, or grid square.

*Location plotting - PennCampusExplorer automatically plots your location on the map (using your phone's location services) when you're within Penn's bounds.

*Save places for later - Drop flags on locations of interest and see them again the next time you open the app!

*Full scrolling/pinch-zoom functionality

*Turn location services off and on at will to conserve battery

For questions/comments/suggestions/complaints/whatever, send me an email: [email protected].

NOTE: PennCampusExplorer does not collect any information on its users. This app is student-made and not an official production of the University of Pennsylvania. By installing this app, you are agreeing to the following EULA:



PennCampusExplorer (c) 2012 Earnest Long, Jr. (SEAS 2013)

Campus map is the property of the University of Pennsylvania.


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