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As a paperless scheduler / teacher, one of the things Smart Schedulers/ teachers / lecturers / professors look forward to is eliminating the need for those annoying attendance sheets. I can't tell you how many times they have misplaced one or two of them, or found one lying at the bottom of their car floor with a muddy footprints all over the front. One of major hang-ups with traditional attendance taking is that there is no transparency between (teacher and student) or (scheduler and attendee); it's almost like the attendance is hidden from the attendees / students after the role is called.

There will be no more misplacement of attendance sheet or hang-ups or hidden things. Here comes the feature of Perfect Attendance.

This Attendance Tracker application will help Scheduler / teacher / lecturer / professors of Event / School / College to take attendance and keep track of it.

* Using this Mobile Attendance application we can save attendance in terms of csv file to the sd card (/My Files /Device storage/ or /My Files / All Files or /storage/sdcard0) as well (depending upon the requirement).

玩教育App|Perfect Attendance免費|APP試玩

* We can change attendance from both the places (Application / csv file present in sd card (/My Files /Device storage/ or /My Files / All Files or /storage/sdcard0)) using this Attendance Manager.

* This Easy Attendance application can send attendance report to anyone from application itself.

* We will be able to send student's attendance percentage to registered mobile no or attendees' parent mobile no using this Attendance Calculator.

* This m Attendance application can create n numbers of events / classes from Add / Edit Menu.

* We can add n numbers of attendees / students as well and can do Bunk Tracker.

玩教育App|Perfect Attendance免費|APP試玩

* In this Attendance Management System , If "Remember me" option is ticked then, User need not to enter username and password again to make the job easier.

* We can do Group Attendance as well.

* Students Corner will help students to Get Perfect Attendance.

* This application will have safety attendance feature as we need user name and password to take attendance.

* Scheduler / Teachers / Lecturers / Professors can check which all students are doing bunk using this Bunk Manager.

玩教育App|Perfect Attendance免費|APP試玩

* Mail or Text message to all participants of an event directly from the Attendance Application.

* We don't need attendance register for students which will contain notebook or papers.

* Quick Attendance is possible considering normal selection of students using this Attendance App.

* This is very Simple Attendance system which will have features of Attendance generator and Attendance Checker.

* This Attendance keeper can be used for Work Attendance and Attendance Keeper.

玩教育App|Perfect Attendance免費|APP試玩

* Students Corner will have flexibility for Bunk manager / Bunk master.

* Using this application, we can share attendance through internet iAttendance .

* User can take attendance on demand

* AND MUCH MORE: We can do Daily Attendance , notify Attendance to anybody. It will be used to Check Your Attendance. Scheduler / Teachers / Lecturers / Professors can hit attendance to increase the present counter. This is very Handy Attendance Application.

玩教育App|Perfect Attendance免費|APP試玩

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